A world where every individual and institution is able to truly discover, and realise, their full potential.

Who We Are

Rahul Gupta​
Founder, CEO

Rahul Gupta is an OD (organizational development) expert, and a Leadership Coach, with extensive experience in organizational change management, and transformational leadership. Rahul has supported over 20 organizations, and coached over a 100 leaders, in his 15 year long career. Rahul has been a School Leader for over
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Priyanka Gupta​
Co-Founder, Director Organization Development​

Priyanka, an alumna of the University of Delhi with a degree in English literature, embarked on her professional journey in the social sector through the Teach For India Fellowship. With over 12 years of dedicated work, she has made significant contributions in the realms of education, Organizational Development, and capacity building.
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Why Choose Us

Our vision is to create a world where every individual and institution can truly unlock and realize their full potential. Drawing upon our extensive experience, expertise, and unwavering belief, we specialize in building both human and institutional capacity. By deeply understanding your unique context, identifying gaps, envisioning possibilities, and crafting bespoke solutions, we pave the path to your resounding success.

Our core domains of People & Leadership Development, Program Strategy & Design, and Organizational Development, underpinned by our Three P’s model of People, Program, and Performance, ensure that your people and organization are poised for exceptional achievements.

What We Do

We empower individuals and organizations to inspire, innovate, and drive meaningful change through the following offerings:

Our Clients

Our clients come from a diverse range of domains and sectors

What our clients have to say about us


"Big Picture Learning Kenya(BPLK) has consulted with Rajalka Consulting since July 2023. Rahul came highly recommended, and he delivered! He provided critical support by leading in the redesign and overhaul of BPLK’s program and evaluation model in 2023, working well with the ED and staff to ensure tools were practical and reflective of BPLK’s programs. Rahul is a terrific listener and coach. He genuinely cares about the work and continues to offer professional advice to BPLK's leadership team. We are lucky to have Rahul in our (BPLK) community!"

Carol Owala, Founder-CEO, Big Picture Learning, Kenya

"As a dedicated professional committed to nurturing growth and skill enhancement, Rahul has exemplified excellence through his sessions. Throughout, our team experienced a remarkable evolution in our collective capabilities and individual skill sets. Rahul's approach was not just instructive but also incredibly engaging, fostering an environment conducive to active learning and participation. What truly stood out was his knack for tailoring the content to suit our team's specific needs, ensuring relevance and practical applicability in our day-to-day work. I cannot recommend Rahul's capacity-building sessions enough. His expertise, engaging teaching style, and commitment to our team's growth have been instrumental in propelling us toward success."

Krishna Sharma, Dost Education

"Having had the privilege of undergoing leadership training I can confidently say that his expertise has been transformative. The training sessions were nothing short of stimulative, fostering a dynamic and friendly learning environment that encouraged participation and growth. Mr. Rahul possesses an exceptional ability to communicate complex leadership principles in an engaging and relatable manner, making the learning experience both enjoyable and enlightening. Through their mentorship, I've gained a deeper understanding of effective communication, strategic decision-making, people (Staff) development, and the significance of fostering a cohesive team environment."

Anuj Dubey, Manager, CLR

"Rahul has delivered trainings on Leadership, Performance Evaluation and Project Management at Leadership for Equity. With the use of questioning, interactive spaces, insightful readings and examples from the field, he makes the sessions interesting and engaging. Having spent several years in the development space, Rahul has the experience and lens needed to deliver effective learning experiences in the social sector. I wish him all the best in his journey to help leaders and organizations in their journey towards excellence."

Samiksha Neroorkar, Associate Director, LFE
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